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Scrum Rules: Worldwide Median Score

81 %

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95 %

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Organizational Culture & Environment: Top Score


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What Does The Scrum Team Assessment Include?

Our Profession level of the Scrum Team Assessment helps your team! Find out how to do Scrum better and double, triple, or even quadruple, your team's performance. Many organizations struggle to use Scrum properly and miss the incredible benefits of Scrum. There are many reasons for this gap:

How much money and time could be saved by doing Scrum well? It's probably a lot more than you expect. In our assessments we find that most Scrum teams are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The Scrum Team Assessment is your Virtual Scrum Coach that helps you know where the gaps are, and gives you solid practical advice on how to get better.

Your virtual Scrum coach builds a professional report that provides you with practical, valuable advice on how to improve. This advice is based on our experience working with Scrum teams since 2004. We have helped many teams reach a high-performance state, such as a team in the Land Resources Cluster in the Ontario Government (yes, even government can have high-performance teams.) You and your team members fill out an in-depth online survey about how your team is currently using Scrum. This data allows our virtual Scrum coach to build the report. The report contains the following sections:

Scrum Team Assessment - Long Term Recommendations and Quick Wins Tree

The Scrum Team Assessment provides an objective, 3rd party view on how your team is doing. This sort of view is impossible to get any other way.

Practical Results - Only $495

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Who Should Use The Scrum Team Assessment?

For organizations of every size, the Scrum Team Assessment is a great way to make sure that your team knows exactly what it needs to do to improve. Use it to make immediate improvements to help your business start saving money. Use it to help with audit and performance management: are your ScrumMasters, coaches and project managers doing a good job? Use it to correct misinformation: did your trainer lead you astray? Use it to find out what you need to do as a manager to help the team.

The Scrum Team Assessment is an incredible value at $495 per team per use. This allows up to twenty team members, all from the same team, to fill out the survey. The results of your assessment could help your organization save hundreds of thousands of dollars by improving the performance of your team. Why wait to find out the best ways to improve. The virtual Scrum coach is ready now.

If you are managing multiple teams, you can use the Scrum Team Assessment to compare how your teams are doing. Find out the strengths of your "A" teams so they can help your "B" teams. The Scrum Team Assessment helps you identify opportunities for cross-training between teams. Use the objective scoring of the report to create a healthy competition between your teams that will heat up their performance - fast.

Comprehensive Analysis - Only $495

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Who Has Used the Scrum Team Assessment?

Our assessment clients include companies from many different industries and from all over the world. These clients have found the results both insightful and practical. The Scrum Team Assessment has helped them to find the gaps in their use of Scrum. Every client has their own unique challenges and, like a good Scrum coach, the Scrum Team Assessment report contains clear, actionable advice that pertains to those unique challenges. Clients who have used the Scrum Team Assessment include:

Industry Comparison - Only $495

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What Does it Look Like?

Here are some snapshots from our simple and easy-to-use survey that you and your team members access after purchase.

Screenshot of Enter access code
First, every team member receives an access code to use when beginning the survey. The code allows the survey to be stopped and re-started at a later time.
Screenshot of a team context question
Then, team members are asked questions about their team environment and the organization they work in. These questions are designed to set the context for the virtual coach to come up with the most appropriate, valuable recommendations.
Screenshot of a Scrum process question
The main part of the survey are the questions about the "Rules of Scrum" and various common guidelines, techniques and best-practices. Each of these is a simple statement of the "rule" and the team member indicates how well the team is following the rule. Above is a sample of a very basic process rule.
Screenshot of a sample guideline question
Above is a sample of a common guideline or best-practice.
Screenshot of survey review
After answering all the questions in the survey, each team member is given the chance to review their responses and make any changes desired before making their final submission.

Some Additional Details

The Scrum Team Assessment survey consists of nearly 100 simple by comprehensive questions about the team's environment and how the team does Scrum.

It takes between 10 minutes and 20 minutes for each Scrum Team member to go through the survey.

In the "Advanced" version of the report, the financial benefits are estimated based on three factors that may differ from your actual circumstances: the fully-loaded cost of your team, the estimated level of the team's current efficiency, and the estimated level of efficiency possible if the team fixes most of their deficiencies identified on the Scrum Team Assessment report.

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