The Scrum Team Assessment

How It Works

The Scrum Team Assessment consists of a survey about the team's environment and how the team practices Scrum. Each Scrum Team member will receive an access code to use the survey. The questions take between 10 and 20 minutes for each person. Our software performs sophisticated analysis of the survey responses and publishes a report for the team. The advice and information included in your team's report is based on our experience working with Scrum teams since 2004.

Why It Works

How much money and time could be saved by doing Scrum well? It's probably a lot more than you expect. Many organizations struggle to use Scrum properly and miss the incredible benefits of Scrum. In our assessments we find that most Scrum teams are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. There are many reasons for this gap:

If you are managing multiple teams, you can use the Scrum Team Assessment to compare how your teams are doing. Find out the strengths of your "A" teams so they can help your "B" teams. The Scrum Team Assessment helps you identify opportunities for cross-training between teams. Use the objective scoring of the report to create a healthy competition between your teams that will heat up their performance - fast.

The Scrum Team Assessment provides an objective, 3rd party view on how your team is doing. This sort of view is impossible to get any other way.